Patients Know Best and Your Privacy

Patients Know Best (PKB) provides a patient held repository which allows for both patient access and patient contribution to their own health record. Patients can determine which organisations and teams can view their personal data. This processing is done through article 9(2)(h) and 9(2)(a) of GDPR 2018.

PKB cannot see your health record and has no control over your record. They keep your information on secure servers. They encrypt the data so no one can see your health record except the people you choose or those with a lawful basis. PKB are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”), which regulates data protection in the UK, and their registration number is Z2704931.

If Family Medical Centre has data about the User and Family Medical Centre agrees to release the data to Patients Know Best, Patients Know Best will show the data in the User Account.

Any information that you choose to input in your PKB account is yours to decide who to share it with, if anyone.

PKB tracks software usage to improve software quality. PKB does not track identifying information or records. PKB uses cookies to improve website operation and usage; for example, we use cookies to set a Users language and to monitor usage trends. Cookies do not contain identifying information such as IPs, health data or personal details.

You are able to see a view of who has viewed the data that you have given your health and care team permission to see by using the access log functionality:

For more information please see PKB’s privacy notice: